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Behind the scenes of Stiffs

A TOUCH of Hollywood came to the Sunshine Coast last week, with the filming of Sunny Coast Showdown flick, ‘Stiffs’.
The short film – directed by Beerwah-based Ryan Butler – is a comedy mockumentary set in a morgue on the worst day of the year, April Fools Day.
Stiffs will be screened as part of the Sunny Coast Showdown, which is set to premier the short film on June 21-22.
GC&M News went behind the scenes in Nambour last week to get a sneak peak of the production.
“Filming has been really good,” Butler said.
“I’ve really liked how everyone has been bouncing off each other.
“The camera department has been reacting well, we needed that energy from the cameras to show the cast’s energy, which they did well.”
Anna McMahon, who starred in Butler’s award winning Sunny Coast Showdown 2023 short film, Bin Day, said it was a blessing to be involved in the local showcase again.
“I’ve loved it,” she said.
“Bin Day and Stiffs are so different, but to work with the same director and my cast member which is now the writer this year, it has been an absolute gift.”

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